Amit no longer works as a Dhibra picker

  Amit Kumar A 10-year-old resident of Chadgo village, Giridih, Jharkhand is part of a 5 member family. Amit’s parents work as Dhibra pickers and this serves as the main source of income. While Amit was enrolled in the primary school of Chadgo, he was compelled to take up work along with his parents to supplement the family’s income. This was affecting his performance at school. During this time, Jago Foundation in collaboration with JKB Project started Bal Manch in the village. Jago persuaded Amit’s family to allow him to join Bal Manch. Jago also connected Amit’s mother to the village group and gave financial support of ₹ 5000/- to start a business from their home. The family bought two goats and through goat farming, their financial condition is steadily improving. Amit no longer works as a Dhibra picker and regularly participates in Bal Manch like other children of the village. In Addition to this, Jago has also provided Amit with educational material to help improve his performanc
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